Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Review

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Review
Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Review

Throws all the stereotypes of motorcycles out the window. It’s kind of in a class of its own. These are in a class of their own. Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Review . And it is a new kind of bike. This bike is not a league of its right is the KTM 690 Duke. To avoid cannibalizing sales, parent company KTM made this rebadged motorcycle seem fresh to convince everyone that a chicken is an egg. And they use nostalgia to do it.

Husqvarna has seen things you people wouldn’t believe. A heart on fire crammed into the shoulders have a bicycle. They watched the Silver Arrow capture the world modernity glittering in the dark when Husky was abducted and fractured and sold. All these moments were lost in time, like tears in brief, until the VIP pilot made us remember, then marched to the basic motorcycle some 70 years after leaving the street game Class A great way to distract from the Duke hidden underneath.

Two wheels, a split line, a bone line, and a rake.Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 .And here’s your motorcycle in the simplest form. The split is carried across muffler bracket pillion, the bone line taken across tail tank bars all have the same level. Then rake the citizen where’s the lines of a motorized bicycle, complete the body triangle and see all kinds of symmetry. Asymmetry to these lines all converges in space, emphasizing the minimal engine in the bike.

You don’t have to like the design,Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 design
Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 design

but you must admit that it is meticulously designed in a word Swedish apart from the fact that I don’t have to put it together and that the volks in Austria do it for me. So Husky and KTM have pulled an impossible trick they’ve made the 690 do vanish. And in its place, we see Scandinavian architecture, fresh style for dormant licenses priced on another planet. That is how you sell a rebadge without threatening the old badge. Replicant masquerades as a revelation.

I rest my case in neon light. But in darkness, something bothers me luxury begs for a TFT dash. The concept had one we all know where Husky can buy one. But they did it. They saved money on this bargain bin 1999 bezel Norman’s dial. Why could it be that Husqvarna went rogue shaved on appearances to sneak in performance? A quick shifter on this tower of a cylinder it’s only slick at high revs. An auto blend, also smooth at high RPM but dumps downshifts and skitters the rear below 5k. Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

These mechanisms are hardly fluid to a casual rider, and they’d never impress luxury novelties to the eraser. They’re indispensable. Did Husqvarna create black holes in the budget to cheat speed into their style symbol? Who black money to spend on adjustable WP suspension. A blatant upgrade befitting KTM r spec Bosch ABS traction control, which can be disabled via an unmarked button or the hideous dash, is a hint. Husqvarna is trying to tell us that They hid a supermoto in this style symbol.

And maybe more. Suppose we know where to look.Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Review

That neon picture, I finally get it. A Husky didn’t strip the design to create some over-the-counter certifiably unique product that shows what we need to strip down and our damn garage. Everything outside the box mirrors too high to round, gone. The catalytic converter looks pudgy sounds like a lawnmower gone.

Fender went, legal obligations might bind Husqvarna, but they drew an escape map for the aftermarket in their design. What else have they hidden in here? City lights reveal the urban image for a mirage. This seat is like Rossi’s, it’s thin and gel, and if you sit on it, the square edges cut your thighs, but you don’t sit on it. Because the rear sets float your body weight, and the clip pulls it forward. My head is too low to spot traffic like the pillion seat is too hard to pick updates.

It’s as sharp as the tail line. It creates more functionality as birth control and transportation. But unless you’re Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, you won’t use the pillion seat. You won’t notice the strangely cheap paint, which is rather silver for a bike named the white arrow, because, in this attack stance, all you can feel is the tank bulge perfectly hanging in the all you can see is the road ahead. The Duke might leave handlebars and dash and mirrors and city all within your field of view. But the citizen puts the town in your mirrors and ahead.

This feels like flying compared to the Duke, and comparisons to the Duke are precisely what the bosses hoped to avoid.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Review
Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Review

by hiding this sportbike in an urban shell over 70 horsepower, 50 torques, the most potent production single in the world weighing is skittish 360 pounds. We’re talking about the power to weight ratio of an FJR 1300, the torque of all the triples, and four cylinders that price against only that come 8000 RPM sooner. The citizen is jumping. People distract from the paint shaker piston and eight-kilometer stroke by pointing to a second counterbalancer on the camshaft.

Oh, how does that smoothens turnover lineage spool up to almost two-thirds of its tack odometer? How does that refines vibration and makes engine braking less like hitting a wall? No, the citizen is still raw as like an angry jackhammer. As a fascinating thing to ride but be honest, this platform is the savage, making Husqvarna his final move. Their boldest geometry tilt rake steepens 1.5 degrees wheelbase shortened 32 millimeters plus a conspicuously long chain that begs to be adjusted even shorter.

Whoops, see, we accidentally re-engineer the tippy bike to even the tibia. No, this is a blatant assault on the Duke. The wheelbase lifts have the slightest twitch of throttle. The rake leans not from countersteering these on the leverageable clip one, but from the simple shift of bodyweight where the Duke 690 feels like driving the citizen feels like riding sharper leaner, more unforgiving. It doesn’t just look like the engine in the bicycle. It feels like it is a revelation. So KTM, you branded this thing all over, made it out to be a luxury piece for the fashion-conscious buyer. But do you forget that Husqvarna’s logo is a gun barrel insight? Did you not realize it’s pointed straight at you

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