Effective Motorcycle Safety Check

Effective Motorcycle Safety Check
Effective Motorcycle Safety Check

Before You Ride – A Quick, Effective Motorcycle Safety Check

Before every ride, A Quick, Effective Motorcycle Safety Check ,better measure your rims less than five miles off-center. There are follow wires on the frayed to a battery unfazed by electrolyte fade. Every bolt is to required. Every wheel is jack. Before every ride, I propose a pre-ride check that takes 90 seconds on the fly. Allow me four minutes to describe

T clocks. What the Hawk is a T clock. Just remember a b c d e f g air bars, controls drive Earth fasteners guy or gal air pressure. After that, I have to finish using my tool tread depth in the green, and this metal should go Ping Ting Ting all the way around my spokes thud means a dud. And while I’m listening around the circumference, I’m looking for any chunking or bulging nonsense, and those without boys should use just their eyes because the ping trick won’t work bars.

If my front brake were broken, I’d have rolled if my back bused.

I’d have reversed if my suspension were screwed up. This movement would not feel uniform. If my axle or head bearings were junk, I’d have thought them clunk. Meanwhile, I’ve gone from lock to lock, never feeling a cable snag or seeing the throttle drag open to smooth movements here for occluding umpteen sentence controls. The only check I won’t condense lights, high lights, dip indicators, and the brakes.

Leavers are smooth. Clutch to throttle closes the here I’m the same as T clocks minus housings and hydraulics it’s better to remove panels and do a complete hose check monthly than half-assed job daily drive it chain needs cheaters to reference my flashlight is 1.5 inches wide so that slack and it feels slick. No missing or malformed teeth down beneath it helps to have a light to see cracks, especially if your drive is a black belt. Next Earth, there’s no need to scan the entire Earth. The bit under your motorcycle will be fine. There are no fluids there. They’re probably still in here. You know what you’ve got, and you know how long it takes to cider dip test that shit you should go sometimes, but for every time I see that my motorcycle hasn’t wet itself presumed the best of health move on.

Move on in a fireball of engines seizing brakeless mayhem may be live a little a b c d e f fastener.

If you’re a mortal, want to take the time to torque every bolt if you’re Almighty feel for fastness, but otherwise and put a.on the edge of every critical bolt I can scan them all at a glance separated white marks means the bolt has migrated. Also, check the frame where the frame is fastened. Failures occur at welds, the crack of a hairline, the patch of paint lifted under stress to make the difference between mint motorcycle and deathtrap right off. Checking the entire frame is a mechanic’s pipe dream. But we can all-flash the welds.

The last guy, this guy, see him through tightened and adjusted mirrors.

Is he tired or drunk? or angry? Does anyone know where he’s going? Is his phone charged? That’s your pre-ride check-in for four minutes. No, we’ll get it done in one and a half. Air pressure dread thinking thing around the wheel use your tool in every possible way. Move on bars. Oh, I don’t remember all the things that can fail here. It doesn’t matter. Any of those things do fail. The proper movement will feel wrong controls. It takes a little while to get all these focus points. Leavers all feel smooth. Throttle snaps back, and Kevin’s were not checking the poses to D for drive. Chain slack. Measures up beside the flashlight sprocket look good under it, and everything looks dry, even in the rain. We could check for rainbows. Good enough.

Fasteners, I see complete circles, No semi-circles. I see welds on fractured paint on disturbed, and I know this guy tightly clearly; he looks ready to ride. Aero bars controls drive Earth fasteners guy, and no way an exhaustive inspection, but the doable safety check is formidable. Thanks

Thank for watching

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