2021 Suzuki Hayabusa exclusive+ hyperbike P.2

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa exclusive

So what is the high a booster going to be like when you give it some of that? Well, it’s called fiber wire now. So let’s hope it’s smooth. Some previous Suzuki models like the katana, Jason’s 1000 aren’t that smooth when you pick up a closed throttle; there’s a bit of a jerk should have more mid-range Suzuki more mid-range on it between four and 6000 RPM, which is what you’re going to be using on the road. So the high booster should feel faster and more responsive, so it won’t feel like it’s lost anything. It has because of Euro five because of how the engine has been returned and is more about the mid-range grant coming down slightly in top-end bhp. So it is down from 194 bhp to 187.Suzuki Hayabusa

And Pete talk is down from 114 pound-foot to 111. Where you notice that I’m very, very much doubt it. Will it be important when you’re bragging online and in internet forums? Maybe but in the real world, it won’t make any difference. A boost is still going to feel amazing. I hope the mid-range and the grunt in the fluidity engine are hope still going to be there. Ironically, because it’s now euro five, all about emissions regulation, it is worse on fuel claimed. So the old bike Suzuki claimed did 50 miles per gallon. Now it’s down to 42. So that’s quite a significant reduction. So that means that out of this 20-liter tank, you should get around about 176 miles.

Suzuki has experimented with different engine configurations for the booster and even tried a six-cylinder turbocharged engine.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

Why didn’t they use that? I mean, fancy telling someone you got a six-cylinder turbo. Now, during testing, they found that the inline-four was the better solution for the booster. And they’re probably right. I wouldn’t. The only external difference, in reality, is they’ve got an inline-four engine same capacity. The only real big difference in the way to look at it is the exhaust. So here, oh five friendly. You’ve got an elliptical cat in the exhaust collector box. And then you’ve got around a cat in each one of these crazy-looking cans.

So this is an anoraks guide to the booster engine. Now Suzuki has done a lot of work to this engine to put it through you oh five to make it smoother to give it more grunt. So virtually every single part inside this inline-four has been tweaked. So we’ve got a new cylinder head with a new combustion chamber, new cams, new cam tensioner, new valve springs, crank pistons gearbox always have all been changed. It’s got a new slipping assist clutch, smaller throttle bodies. They usually grow down though they’re down from 44 to 43 millimeters. Twelve mils have extended the intake trumpets. You got a new twin injector system in throttle bodies.

Roy, the new booster should be essentially the same as the old one. Suzuki Hayabusa

Mainly because the frame is almost identical same swing arm, the same structure extruded same aluminum subframe has got a different seat rail on it, which saves a tiny little bit of weight. Still, the carrots or the bite shouldn’t be too additional, and that’s no bad thing. This bike is highly stable in a straight line, and high-speed round corners monsters motorway corners and fast roads. Not so elegant, but it is what it is; you know it’s the very stable bike to scratch through Brows. This suspension is the same as before ky was shocked and forks, but the internals.

So hopefully, the ride quality will be a little bit plusher,

And there’ll be a little bit more control when you’re pushing on. The other thing to mention is that we’re very obsessed with power figures and weight figures.  But the good thing about heavy bikes and what makes this feel special is that heavy bikes iron out bumps. They trample over bums like they’re not there. So you should still get that exquisite feeling of unflappability, if that’s even a word, when you ride in this fast cross country. So how’s it going to grip? How’s it going to stop? Well, it’s got new tires, Bridgestone s 22 tires now they’re all around sports tires, very, very, very good tires.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

These are o v spec. So these are made for this bike has to be sometimes said only spec tires, perfect. They’re as good as the replacements, and sometimes they’re not very good. So only time is going to tell when we come to ride his bike how good the tires are, but if they’re anywhere near as good as the proper 20 twos, you’ll have no problems with them at all. Braking should be better as well.Suzuki Hayabusa

One of the massive weak points is the elbow so that we noticed when I wrote against that Kawasaki h2 SX was how poor the brakes were shockingly bad. Now, this got different breaks. So this has got Brembo stylus, so the stylus came out a couple of years ago on the panel golly, the for really racy calipers, and the discs are up from 310 mils to 320 mils. So you’ve got all the makings of this having the stopping power to match the engine power.

Sometimes, braking power isn’t as good as it could be because of how the ABS. Suzuki Hayabusa

So, for example, the GSR 1000s brakes are brilliant. Just because the brake by wire of the ABS doesn’t let it perform as well as it could, so again, only time will tell, and a decent ride on this bike. How good the brakes will be. One final thing to add is the BOCES balance.  One of the strong points is just how predictable The motorcycle is and how well balanced it is. And it’s even better balanced now because it’s now got a 5050 weight distribution. One of the reasons it should be better balanced is because the exhaust is a little bit lighter at the back here. Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

And it represents sort of most of the two critical low weight-saving overall. So because the back ends are lighter now, it’s got a perfect 5050 weight distribution. So there you have it, the third generation Suzuki Hayabusa. It’s going to be out very, very soon. Suzuki hasn’t announced any official prices yet, but we’d expect this to cost around about the same as an entry-level superbike. So if you kind of think GSR 1000 is a standard r1 set x 10. That kind of thing. It’s not going to be kind of super superbike territory. So the only thing left for us to do now, after all of that talking, is to go out and loaded

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