2021 Suzuki Hayabusa exclusive+ hyperbike P.1

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa exclusive

Welcome to MC n. And the first generation Suzuki Hayabusa 1999. This came out the GS x 1300 r is its official title. And not to put too fine a point on it, this bike is an icon. And the reason it’s an icon is all about this 1300 cc four-cylinder engine. Just packed with a grunt and packed with stories over the years filled with folklore.

Now, this is a bike that, when it came out, claimed 173 bhp. But the big thing on it is that the speedo went up to 220 miles an hour, and early bikes would go off the clock. So even though it didn’t do those kinds of speeds. The very fact that you could go down a German Autobahn and get it off the clock over 220 miles an hour made this bike very. Very special. Every booster we’ve tested at MC n from this one, all the way through the second generation. Refresh of hole all been restricted. They’ve all done around 180 596 miles an hour because zucchini had a self-imposed speed limit of 299 Ks.

But a few years ago, we ran one as a long-term test bike and removed the speed limiter.Suzuki Hayabusa

And Brunton thought the speed test that Bruce had done got 203 miles an hour out of one, so they are correctly quick and deserve their reputation. So you can see why this bike is such an icon. So he said a lot of challenges.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

Over the years, bicycles have come and gone. Kawasaki have had the Zed x 12. This is it is 1400 has been the Honda Blackbird, but everyone remembers the Boo. So when it comes to hyper bikes, Suzuki hibu three is the bite you remember. And it is one of those bikes that back in the day; you could load up with luggage, put a pillion on the back a breakfast time and be in the south of France or tea time. So this is what they call the generation one bu.

So it got updated in 2008, where we got more power, the power rows 194 bhp got a few more CCS, more extended stroke engine, high compression engine 1340 cc, and you’ve got some starting tweaks as well, was even quicker accelerating, but that same limit on the top speed. And then, in 2013, he got another minor update where he got abs. So over the years, Suzuki has sold over 189,000 high boosters, and to ride, I’ve written boosters many times on different road tests. It’s always been one of those bikes that always associated with the incredible speed we’ve taken into Germany, done autobahn runs, and then taken around the Nurburgring.

And they’ve always been what you’d imagine incredibly fast,

Straightforward to gather speed just because the engines we’ve got so much grunt the power delivery is amazingly creamy. There’s nothing like it. I mean, it’s always been a big long low heavy bike. So although it is quite a sporty bike and doesn’t mind going fast through corners, it is no short light sports bike. But it is what it is is phenomenal what it does. And in fact, I wrote it a couple of years ago with its kind of newest challenger, which was the Kawasaki h2 sX. And you know, even by today’s standards. This engine was better than the Kawasaki supercharged engine had more grunt, the power was more prosperous, the throttle response was smoother. But of course, things moved a lot o the last decade or 20 years, even since this came out.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

You know break-ins become better suspension controls, better riding positions are more comfortable, you’ve got more electronic riders to raise more creature comforts, that kind of thing. So you know, you can see why the boosters started to lose favor against the more modern stuff. The advocate disappeared, which is a massive shame. And in fact, Suzuki has generally been relatively quiet recently, apart from the small matter of winning the Moto GP championship. And when they have produced bikes, the Wii strong the GS XR 1000. They’ve maybe been a bit conservative, especially when we’re used to such kind of high-tech whiz-bang, colorful competition. There will be a new booster for 2021, and we’re going to be looking at it. We’re going to be touching it, sitting on it, prodding it, starting it, and here it is, the third generation, Suzuki.

Now know what you think if it doesn’t look that much different to the elbows, do it, and I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed;

I wanted something maybe a little more 21st century, especially when there’s so much going on with this new boost. So that’s different from the outgoing model. I believe that Suzuki has done the right thing in the evolution of the old bike is still a high booster. And I guess you got to think of it in the same sort of way as the way Porsche nine elevens have evolved. So is an unmistakably high booster to sit on. Booth two bikes to see the differences. It’s still very much long, low, and cumbersome. It’s 264 kilos; his motorcycle is complete as two kilos lighter than that one. Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

But it’s still a heavy motorbike. The riding position still feels like the 90s; the seats are pretty low, the pegs are relatively high situation hasn’t changed. But what is good, what I like is that the handlebars are 12 mils closer, big difference you’re kind of on that one is a long old stretch to the bars, and this is much more comfortable. So motorway riding, which used to be a pain in the wrist, will be better. And the other thing that’s going to make motorway riding and long-distance riding a lot more comfortable is that cruise control comes standard. So if you ever do get sore, right rush, you can take your hand off the swap to free it off. It also comes with heated grips, which is good, but they’re not standard. You got to pay

When it came to designing in the hibu, Suzuki and their design department created all these sketches on different shapes for the big boost.Suzuki Hayabusa

And a lot of them look cool, but they’ve gone for some that look very, very traditional. This is good because we like more the high booster looks like, but the nose is different. So it’s got that kind of GSR family nose on it. And you got new headlights, a mixture of projector headlights and LEDs. But the headlights aren’t cornering like some modern stuff. These running lights LCDs turn into indicators when you’re riding along. And the fairing is much more different when you compare the two in the first, so you got these more bulbous cheeks on it for aerodynamics. You’ve got these chrome flashes should pretty swish you’ve got a slightly revised logo and then working backward. Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

So the boost is unique in the fact the back end is quite squashed. It almost looks like a cartoon anvil dropped on the rear suspension. That’s the style and its aerodynamics aerodynamic. So it’s got a new back end. And the backlight cluster looks mad like something out of a fairground ride. You’ve also got new seven-spoke wheels, you’ve got new mirrors, you got a new screen, you got new handlebar mountains, as well, to reduce vibes and to make things more smooth. The cockpit area is still very much Hi boost new switchgear, like the GS XR 1000s. But the clocks are still analog mainly. And I love the way it’s all laid out very, very similar to the old bike. But it’s kind of got that natural industrial feel or absolute kind of feel you’re on something extraordinary. Suzuki Hayabusa

And something fast.

When you’ve got digital displays that just read out the speed, you’re doing something a little bit sterile about it; there’s something they’re just numbers it’s hard to relate to. Whereas when you’ve got a clock that goes around. You can connect to where you are by looking at the needle without even knowing the numbers. And when that needles right over the other side of the clocks. And you know you’re going for it; there’s something extraordinary about that and kind of adds to the feeling the speed you get off it as well. Suzuki Hayabusa

And there’s another thing as well when you’re a little kid, and you used to look at speedos and cars and bikes, and They used to go up to 150 160 or whatever, and use the go, Wow, that’s a fast car that’s a short bike, and you get that feel here. So the booster’s clocks no longer go up to 220, which is a bit of a shame. Suzuki Hayabusa

Wouldn’t it be good if you still are 200 on the clock? Does it reflect what it does? So it goes up to 180. And talking about electronics, the booster is packed with them now. So fundamentally, it’s got a Bosch six-axis IMU and fiber wire for the first time so that the bike can do anything. So it’s got lien sensitive trash control, insensitive abs, Launch Control, and even rear wheel lift control. So the church controls ten levels; the rear will lift his 10 level levels.

What that means is when you break hard,

If the rear wheel starts to slip, as the front is right on his nose, if he’s in one of his very intrusive modes, the bike will break very flat; he will never let you kind of endo, if you know what I mean. And it does that basically by letting the brakes off, so braking power isn’t going to be as much as it could be in one of its intrusive in rear-wheel lift mode. And it will be more impressed with everything switched off more for kind of track riding. So I also got a speed limiter. She’s pretty handy. It’s pretty easy to nibble over the speed limit on this bike accidentally, and he’ll hold control, which isn’t that necessary, but it’s nice to have.

To be continued P.2 https://motorxreview.com/2021-suzuki-hayabusa-exclusive-hyperbike-p-2/


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