2021 Suzuki Hayabusa BS6 Review

Suzuki Hayabusa BS6
Suzuki Hayabusa BS6

Suzuki Hayabusa BS6 Review

The cat is finally out of the bag. Then legendary Suzuki Hayabusa BS6 is back. It is a little slower up top than the older bike because it is down seven horsepower and makes 5 Newton meters less than the older bike. But here’s the thing. For Suzuki, on purpose. Because who needs all that power to rule here? Second, this is a bit. But how about this? Get more befitting of a hyper Tourer. 

I mean, sure, it’s—ludicrous stop speed. Gut-wrenching acceleration is what helped the set itself apart from every other bike out there. But if you ask. Me, what truly endeared it to its millions of fans over the years was its insane ability to circumnavigate the globe at crazy speeds with breathtaking ease. 

2nd is what Suzuki set out to do. 

Suzuki Hayabusa BS6
Suzuki Hayabusa BS6

Make it even more comfortable, robust, and safer than ever before. The user now gets a whole catalog of electronic aids. So which server pushed to shame? The electronics package on Suzuki flagship SuperBike, the GSXR 1000R. What are you talking 

Yeah, thanks to our esteemed journalists who reviewed the Bible for me and did pointless burnout to reduce the Tier 2 like steel threads. So yeah, that’s my Survival kit to make sure. I have at least some understanding of where the tire pressures are, but no, what I’m talking about is the six-axis IMU and the ride-by-wire throttle, which have opened the floodgates. 

So so now we are talking about six different writing modes. Three are preset, and three are user-defined, which allow you to change anything under the sun. We are talking about ten levels of lean-sensitive traction control, ten different separate levels of absolute power. 

The four Suzuki bike ever to get engine braking control, complete with three different settings and the option to switch it off altogether, you get a quick bidirectional shifter as standard, which again has two locations. One is race. Here, one is smoother. So even the launch control, which is so excited about, comes with three different RPM levels to nail those perfect launches. You also get cornering abs. 

Not just that, when you’re going down an incline, and you’re braking hard, you can feel the realness medication kicking in really strong to prevent some accidental stockings. The coolest part here is even if you flip the script and. Let’s say you’re. 

Going up a steep climb and you stole the bike.

Suzuki Hayabusa BS6 on road

Like you have seen on Adventure motorcycle, this one also gets the hill hold control, which by just pressing the front brake, it will stop rolling back even when you have the clutch pushed in, which is very, very cool. Of course, being busy also now gets cruise control, and for the first time, you also. Get something which is. 

She was known as an. Active speed limiter so that you can easily avoid accidental speed tickets on your way to work. And it doesn’t end there to make them even more comfortable over long distances; the ergonomics have changed. Second, the Handlebar is now 12MM closer to the rider. This 266 KG monster is in the parking lot. 

Then the pegs are damped to reduce vibrations. The slip cannabis clutch is noticeably lighter to operate in the city and does an excellent job of keeping the rear in line under aggressive downshifts, and also allows you to have some fun if you’re. 

Then you have the critical ID suspension, which delivers. 

 Suzuki Hayabusa BS6  on road
Suzuki Hayabusa BS6 on road

As always, they’re fully adjustable. For a perfect balance between exceptional ride quality and the support you require under heartbreaking or high speeds and having fun in the corners. It’s pretty unbelievable how a bike that is this big and this long can be so much fun in the corners, thanks to, of course, the suspension and the communicative chassis. 

But the most significant changes that make the. Into a complete package now is the fact that spooky has finally addressed his Achilles heel, which is breaking and heat management. So on the breaking front in terms of a bridge, you get the dilemma calipers and the bigger 320 min disk, and these two combined with the combined braking the link breaking means you have never felt more confident breaking or dropping anchor on the booster. 

It is no longer. Every time your heartbreaking as you experience on the older because here. You have—decisive stopping power upfront. Good feel at the lever, and then when you add cornering able to the equation, you think the strongest and the most confidence you have ever felt breaking. 2nd and talking about going slow. But the staring now diverts a lot more air towards the radiator and. 

You also have the twins digit of fans we stick in even before the temperature gauge reaches the halfway point to keep the temperature under check. Divert all the. But I still can’t help. I get this nagging feeling that many of you are still stuck because this one is slower than the older boy. I am sure that begs the question if this is Hayabusa at all. Or is it a peregrine Falcon with its wings chopped off, and the only way I can answer that question is? 

This new Bussa is an entirely different animal altogether. 

 Suzuki Hayabusa BS6  on road
Suzuki Hayabusa BS6 on road

Compared to the older bike, this one will run out of steam a little bit after 270 kilometers per hour, but up until that point, it makes more power and torque through the Rev range. I mean, if you thought writing the old bus without electronics was crazy, I think writing. If it did not have the electronics that it does, it would be a death wish. 

There’s so much talk at your disposal. I mean, you can ride this mammoth machine in the city on the 4th. Gear rollover speed bumps without using the clutch and will still go along. I need a drink. And if we remove for mayhem. All you have to do is storm down. The gears and crack the whip and you. I will get just that. I think it’s this versatility that makes it better than ever before. 

And don’t get me wrong, it is far from perfect. I’m surprised at how it still doesn’t get steel braided lines with this updated breaking system. Clearance now it stands at 125 men, which is about 6 M more than a brief spike. And to be fair, not once would you scrape on this entire test, and we went over some broken roads. 

But I think with a billion and luggage, that might prove to be a little too small. 

  Suzuki Hayabusa BS6  and me
Suzuki Hayabusa BS6 and me

Also, I feel the windscreen. It could have been a little. Bit taller, which is why Suzuki offers a bubble screen as an accessory, and the tank too has gone down from 21 to 20. Although it’s not a whole lot, this one does drink a lot more fuel, so you’re looking at a range of about 250 to 260 kilometers between full stop, which is. 

Not the best if you harbor intercontinental touring dreams. But as a hyper tour, I don’t think the Hayabusa has ever made such a strong argument. I mean, the engine is still strong as they were even more versatile, even more engaging. I love the way it looks. I love how they’ve managed to incorporate the same. It simulates how they’ve especially got the cockpit the scene and so seamlessly integrated the TFT screen. 

And also, if you look at the electronics, it offers you far and beyond the 2.7 Lac rupees price hike that this one commands. It is why I am so so jealous of all of you who managed to procure it. 

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